The Supporting Healthy Transitions Program

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To support and consider the emotional health and well-being of children and adults, when there is a plan for a child to move from one family to another.

  • Funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)
  • Free of charge


Vancouver / Richmond

Coastal North Shore (including Squamish, North Shore, Sechelt, Gibsons)

North Fraser (including Burnaby, New Westminister, Tri-Cities)

Delegated Aboriginal Agencies: Ayas Men Men Child & Family Services, Metis Family Services & Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services Society

Who is this Program for?

Children from birth to 12 years

Program Goals

The goals are to prevent the traumatic breaks in attachment when children lose contact with a primary attachment figure; to reduce the cumulative losses for children during the transition by supporting a relationship between the foster, birth or adoptive parents before the move happens; and to help develop a comprehensive and collaborative plan for the child’s move to reduce the stress/trauma to the child and the supporting adults.

  • To support the child / children’s attachment needs of children moving or left in the home
  • To facilitate communication and connection between the homes both prior to the child/ren moving, as well as for a period thereafter.
  • To provide support around grief and loss to the children moving as well as to the foster family.
  • To increase collaboration between the systems surrounding the child.
  • To support, in collaboration with other services, appropriate resources being in place to support the transition (e.g., childcare, counselling, housing).
  • To provide support or consultation to social workers and other professionals.
  • To support close collaboration with social workers as well as other related professionals is an essential component of this service.



Consulting Service

The PACE Program is now offering a consultation only service to the professionals involved with a transition. This service does not include any front line work with the families or children.

This consulting service is mainly available to:

  • Ayas Men Men Child & Family Services
  • Metis Family Services
  • Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services Society
  • MCFD – Coastal North Shore
  • MCFD – North Fraser

Consulting Forms:

Consulting Service Outline

Request for Consulting Service




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