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Gift Card Campaign!

Dear Friends of PACE,

We are inviting our community to make a donation to the PACE Gift Card Campaign with the goal of helping to make the season more joyous for our families.

We have found that gift cards allow families the pleasure of shopping themselves for food, household items, clothing and toys. It provides parents with the opportunity to personally choose both needed items as well as special treats – a luxury in which many of our families seldom get to indulge.

Gift cards to stores that offer both food and clothing or to department stores that offer a range of goods are especially welcome. You may also want to consider gift card vouchers to movies or other activities. If you would like to include your child (ren) in the giving, perhaps you could add one new gift or game for a child. Our children are in the range of birth to ten years, with a focus on children from three to six years old.

As PACE is a non-profit charitable society, tax deductible receipts are available for cash donations over $10 and in exchange for receipts for gift cards. To receive a tax receipt, please enclose your name and mailing address.  If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact the PACE Program at (604) 266-3141. We would be delighted to talk further with you.

With much appreciation,

The PACE Team