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The programs are primarily funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and are free of charge to families. PACE offers a range of services that support and promote the well being of children in a holistic and systemic way. By encouraging the development of social, emotional skills, cognitive and physical skills, the child’s resilience, coping mechanisms and sense of self are enhanced. All programs are available throughout Vancouver. The Outreach Support Service is also available to centres in Richmond.


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Outreach Support Services (to Vancouver and Richmond)


◊ Outreach Support Services - Referral For Service Form [PDF]
◊ Outreach Support Services - Outline [PDF]
◊ Outreach Support Services - Orientation To Agency [PDF]

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Supporting Healthy Transitions

◊ Supporting Healthy Transitions - Outline [PDF]
◊ Supporting Healthy Transitions - Section 1 of 2 part Referral form [PDF]

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Family Program (including a therapeutic preschool)  


◊ Family Program - Referral For Service Form [PDF]
◊ Family Program - Outline [PDF]
◊ Family Program- Orientation To Agency [PDF]

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Therapy for Children – Play, Art & Expressive Arts  

◊ Child Therapy Outline [PDF]

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Training to early childhood educators, parents, foster parents and other professionals working with children and families 

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“PACE gave our son the caring, acceptance and support to safely work through all the losses in his life while gently nurturing the spark in his soul.”
Adoptive Parents

PACE books
Some of the therapeutic books
used by PACE staff with children
and families.

“Books are a great resource for helping children identify and release their feelings. Reading stories that relate to a child’s life can offer them insight, an experience of being understood and not alone.”

Paul Gordon, staff member from 1992-2010


"My Heart" “My Heart”


“My nephew attended PACE. What a wonderful place. PACE is full of patience and love, with well stirred in structure.”



"My Family"
“My Family”


“The input and assistance that the consultants offer to the program is very beneficial. The communication is always respectful and objective, taking into consideration the needs of the children and the strengths of the staff and program.”

Leona Antoine
Coordinator, Singing Frog Aboriginal Head Start Preschool


How I am feeling today
PACE staff provide children with ideas and tools to help identify and express their feelings and thoughts.


Expressive arts as a therapeutic tool
Expressive arts are provided as a therapeutic outlet for children

We are a not-for-profit organization providing a systemic, collaborative, innovative and caring support that empowers children and families who have experienced significant emotional challenges. Through a range of services, we are partners in building capacity and strengthening community.