Fundraising Project

Child Therapy

Play and the arts in therapy offer children, who have experienced loss and/or trauma, an opportunity to work through, heal and resolve some of their underlying issues in a safe and therapeutic environment. They are important outlets for children who are often not able to express themselves verbally with regards to their fears, worries and concerns.

Through the relationship with the therapist, children’s self-esteem is enhanced and they begin to develop inner controls and the ability to make more appropriate decisions. Just as it is helpful for adults to talk to someone about their worries and concerns, it is helpful for children to have an opportunity to play and creatively express accumulated feelings of worry, frustration, insecurity, aggression, fear and confusion.

By releasing these feelings, children become freer to behave appropriately and the frequency of challenging behaviours is reduced, helping increase their readiness for school, learning and social connections.

We are seeking additional funding to provide therapy to children who are not eligible for services in the community or where financial restraints restrict access.

Therapeutic services in the community can have wait lists, be time limited or have other restrictions making it not accessible to all who may need it.

Having the ability to provide therapy in a timely manner and to those who are unable to access or afford other sources, would allow PACE to provide vital support children who may have experienced loss or trauma, and supporting them to heal and grow.

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