Fundraising Project

The Building Campaign

As many of the children served by the PACE Program have experienced much unpredictability, providing them with a stable and secure environment is crucial.

Over the years, the families and children have viewed PACE as a safe “home away from home”, many returning years later to touch base with people they trust. As such, the building itself represents a safe haven. We have a lease on our current facility, a house at 1524 West 65th Avenue in Vancouver. While the funding base of the program is solid, every move creates enormous stress for the children and families and huge financial costs, both in terms of dollars and loss of valuable service time.

We do however currently have an opportunity to buy the building. This facility fits the needs of the program very well, and most importantly, has all the necessary licensing requirements to operate.


To provide a permanent home for the families and children, the PACE Program is now actively fundraising to purchase the house. We are delighted that our campaign has raised over $200,000. PACE is actively appealing to individuals and organizations to join us in making the vision of a secure home a reality by helping to raise the needed funds.


Contact PACE if you would like to make a donation.
604-266-3141 or email