Core Beliefs & Values

Core Beliefs

Core Values

We demonstrate honesty, respect and caring in our work with the children, families and professional system, as well as with each other. We recognize and honour each child and family’s unique personal and cultural heritage.

PACE supports children, families, staff and others in the community to develop belief in their own inherent abilities and to reach their potential.

We believe strongly in collaborating with families and professionals as each partner brings strengths, expertise and ideas.

PACE provides opportunities to heal past trauma and to foster healthy attachments, the cornerstone of optimal emotional development.

We strive to empower children and families to find their voice and be able to play an active part in contributing to their own lives and their community. PACE supports families to connect to those important in their lives and to broaden their natural resources. We believe that the stronger family unit ultimately minimizes the need for professional supports.

We practice and encourage open and clear communication with the children, the families, the professional system and each other.

We are flexible in service delivery and responsive to client and community needs.