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"Sometimes there is a volcano inside me"Body awareness and therapeutic outletsDrawing as a vehicle for expression

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The PACE Program, a therapeutic and educational centre for children and families, is operated by the PACE Child & Family Society, and has been a resource to the community since 1984. PACE offers a range of services to support families with young children who struggle with significant emotional and/or behavioural challenges. These services include outreach support to childcare centres; an intensive family program; therapy for children; support for families when children transition from foster care to another home, and training in the community.

All programs are available throughout Vancouver. The Outreach Support is also available to centres in Richmond. The programs are mainly funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and are free of charge.

Our Mission

The PACE Program provides a range of quality early intervention and prevention services to support and empower young children with emotional and/or behavioural challenges, and their families. We offer systemic, collaborative and innovative programs, working in partnership with parents, caregivers, educators and other professionals, to build capacity and strengthen community. We strive to be a leader in the field by being a responsive and continually improving agency.

"Surfing Rainbows"
“Surfing Rainbows”

This art work was created by a 5 year old participating in the PACE Family Program. This program offers children a range of opportunities for expression and strives to nourish children’s creativity, curiosity and self-esteem while supporting their identification and release of feelings.

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My son is the happiest he has ever been. Now in a regular classroom, in a regular school!”



Feelings can be like a volcano, they bubble up and come out of us
Our feelings can be like a volcano; like lava, they can explode, bubbling up and spilling over. This image helps children and adults visualize and give a 'felt sense' of how feelings such as worry, fear, anger and sadness can be experienced in our bodies. Connecting thoughts with feelings provides us with an awareness of ourselves which helps us to better respond and interact with others in genuine, safe and non-threatening ways. Feelings come and go for everyone, and if we acknowledge them and let them flow through us, we can be more fully present, in the moment, enjoying, learning and connecting with others.


“The PACE staff has been professional, caring and an excellent resource when dealing with the difficult issues of children and
their families.”

Errol Joe, Principal,
Vancouver School Board